Located in Dekalb, Texas

Family Owned and Operated Since 1958

Since 1958, Phillips Forest Products has supplied the industrial sector, the architect, the contractor, the designer, and the home owner with the highest quality products and services. From rough sawn beams, kiln dried lumber, custom flooring, molding, bar tops, siding to home furnishings, we’ve got what you need for your home or business.

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    1957 - A Tie And Timber Mill

    In 1953, Cecil Phillips, a World War 2 veteran who worked in sawmills in Germany while in the army, moved his wife, Velma Jean, and their two children, Dana and Reggie from Atoka, OK to a small logging community east of Eureka, CA to log the great Redwood forests of Northern California. 

    In 1958, Monroe Allen, Cecil's uncle, who owned a sawmill in Atoka, Ok, needed oak timbers to supply surrounding counties with wood for bridges. He offered Cecil a loan to start a sawmill in Bowie County, he chose a settlement just outside of De Kalb, TX. The area surrounding De Kalb, Texas, plentiful with hardwoods, was a perfect location for a hardwood timber mill. 

    The original mill, built with wood in 1958, burned to the ground by a tossed cigarette. Cecil rebuilt the mill on a clay hill in Oak Grove, TX from steel, and is in operation today.  Cecil's son, Chuck, a Marine Corps veteran, operates the mill, along side his uncle Jim.

    The mill Cecil started over sixty years ago is recognized as a Texas Historic Business and the undisputed oldest family owned sawmill in the state of Texas.

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    1980 - Kiln Dried Lumber

    The 1978 oil crisis left the American oil industry at a stand still, therefore, timbers and ties for pipe skidding and other industrial products were no longer in demand. At the same time, the counties switched from wooden bridges to culverts, thus eliminating the need for bridge timbers. 

    As a result of the oil crisis,  a depression occurred in the Phillips Sawmill business. Realizing he could no longer rely on the oil industry or the county bridges for sales, Cecil's son, Chuck, a United States Marine, had to find new product for Phillips Sawmill. 

    Chuck began kiln drying grade lumber for cabinet and furniture stock in the early 80's. This turned out to be a great business move on his part, and the high quality lumber we provide today came to market.

  • 1990 - Molding And Flooring

    In the early 90's, Chuck bought an Italian made molder at an auction, paving the way for the Phillips Forest Products molding and flooring division. Our first floor, can be seen at the Front Street Junction in De Kalb, TX, one of the oldest family owned cafes in North East Texas. 

    Today, we utilize the most advanced molding machines to provide the highest quality flooring, molding and siding available. With over 1,000 molding profiles available, and our ability to design and create custom patterns, we're sure we can provide you with any flooring, molding, or siding profile for any design project.

  • 2000 - Expansion

    In 2000, Chuck purchased a property just outside De Kalb, TX, built a storage building and a new kiln with twice the capacity as the kiln at the Oak Grove sawmill. Chuck change the name from Cecil Phillips Sawmill to Phillips Forest Products to encompass the growing field of architectural products being produced by the company. 

    The installation of the new kiln, and the added storage capacity allowed Phillips Forest Product to become the production facility it is today, known for the highest quality molding, flooring, kiln dried lumber, and siding.

    Chuck's son, Cole, manages the facility, he and his crew maintain the highest standards for quality available in the wood industry.

  • 2010 - From Production To High Design

    In 2010, Allen, Chuck's son returned from studying architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, creating the Phillips Forest Products design division, adding in house design as well as the addition of home furnishing, such as butcher blocks, furniture, and other products. 

     We opened our first retail store in 2015 in Hooks, TX. The store is stocked full of live edge slabs, furniture, cutting boards, turning blocks, wood art, wood sculptures, mantles, and much more.

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    2018 - The Historic Phillips Forest Products

    Phillips Forest Products, now a registered Texas Historic Business, has become the oldest family owned sawmill in the state, something we're very proud of. We've become a leader in high quality wood products. 

    Our beams, lumber, flooring, molding, interior and exterior siding, live edge wood slabs, butcher blocks and furniture are all known for their high quality and beauty. We have products in homes, offices, places of business, and places of worship all over the United States, and our products can be found in Europe, China, South America, Mexico, and the Middle East. 

    We've been blessed, and we're thankful for our hard working employees, our amazing customers, and for the loggers, that work a hard and dangerous job to supply us with logs. 

    Thank you all, God Bless.